Love Pillow (Basic)

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Love Pillow (Basic)

Penetrate your girl as hard as possible in the most sensuous style on this Love Pillow. Hailing from the Basic series, it is an incredible piece of furniture that will make partners stimulate each other as they had never done before. Right from giving powerful thrusts to enjoying wilder sensations, this Love Pillow will be a perfect option for varying sex positions. As it weighs quite low, it stands quite strong despite taking bigger loads. For being made of silk type material, this Love Pillow from the Basic series is quite comfortable for users. Pink and Parrot Green are the two colors available under this Love Pillow of the Basic series.

Product: Love Pillow (Basic) LP-001

Category: Lovemaking furniture

Material: Silk type of fabric

Colour: Pink and Parrot Green

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